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Do You Need a Spine Surgeon? Asking yourself whether you need a spine surgeon is a big deal. And a lot must’ve happened to get you to this point. We get it. How much pain have you been in? How much discomfort? While we understand considering any sort of back surgery is a big deal, we also understand how impactful it can be for those who really need it. You know you might need to consider spinal surgery if you’ve experienced anything like herniated discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and so on and your overall quality of life hasn’t improved over time or

Why are You Living with Back Pain? If you're living with back pain, you're not alone. A while back, the International Association for the Study of Pain put out an article stating, “…Back pain has been the leading cause of years lived with disability since 1990 and remains a significant global public health concern.” Today, that statistic hasn’t changed much. In fact, it’s gotten much worse. Unfortunately, “back pain” is such a broad term. On top of that, most of us can’t tell exactly where our back pain is located or what caused it in the first place. And with so many treatment

How Does Cervical Disc Fusion Work: Everything You Need to Know Are you or someone you know about to undergo a cervical disc fusion procedure? Not sure what to expect? That’s okay. That’s why we’re here. And that’s why we’ve prepared this article just for you. At Maxim Spine, we believe wholeheartedly in being transparent. After all, you’re in control. Not only that, but you deserve to feel comfortable. We feel the best way to achieve this is to be informed. Today, that means tackling the subject of spinal disc fusions. More commonly referred to as “Spinal Fusions,” (We’ll use the terms interchangeably)

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