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John Knightly, MD, FAANS

Spine Surgery

Gautam Malhotra, MD


Scott A. Meyer, MD, FAANS

Spine Surgery

Joseph Rempson, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Michael Rudman, MD

Interventional Pain Management

Terrence Welsh, MD

Interventional Pain Management

Richard Winne, MD

Interventional Pain Management

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Lumbar Procedure

Cervical Procedure

Condition Thoracic

Condition Lumbar

Condition Cervical

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Maxim Health

In the realm of medical excellence, a new era has dawned with the establishment of Maxim Brain and Spine, a collaborative venture led by distinguished spine surgeons Dr John Knightly and Dr Scott Meyer,  renowned pain management specialists Dr Richard Winne, Dr Michael Rudman and Dr Terrence Welsh, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician Dr Gautam Malhotra.  We will delve into the groundbreaking approach to surgery and pain relief that defines Maxim Brain and Spine as a beacon of innovation and comprehensive care.

Dr John Knightly and Dr Scott Meyer, luminaries in the field of spine surgery, bring unparalleled expertise to Maxim Brain and Spine. With a extensive track record of successful and intricate procedures, Maxim is at the forefront of surgical innovation.

At the helm of pain management is Dr Richard Winne, Dr Michael Rudman, and Dr Terrence Welsh. Distinguished experts in alleviating acute and chronic pain through innovative and multidisciplinary approaches. From non-invasive interventions to the latest advancements in pain relief, Maxim is committed to helping patients regain control of their lives by addressing the root causes of pain.

Dr Gautam Malhotra, utilizes his expertise to diagnose and treat a diverse array of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and neurological disorders. A Physiatrist’s goal is to maximize function and minimize pain through non-surgical interventions whenever possible.

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